Container Services

SHC provide various services in the Shipping and Logistics Industry 
in respect of marine container services, i.e.:

Storage of empty marine containers in secure parks

Handling of containers

Structural repairs of damages on containers to IICL Standards

Pre-tripping of refrigerated containers

Mechanical repairs to reefer containers

Washing and cleaning of containers

Computerized Tracking via EDI

Container Conversions

Empty Container Transport

Logistics Management Service


A brand new Konecrane twin-pick that able to stack 8 high for standard container. Another three lifting equipments, Konecrane, Hyster, able to stack 7 high and 3 TCM forklifts, that able to stack 3 high. With all these lifting equipment in operations, handling of containers in the yard make it easier and efficiently.


With 20 experiences workers, repairing, cleaning and refurbishment of container will not be a problem. We are able to repair to IICL standard. Our reefer technicians are all trained and able to troubleshoot reefer of various maker and models. SHC has a long standing reputation of customer service, promising timely delivery of both product and service. Coupled with superior quality products, flexibility in modifications and reasonable pricing, SHC sets itself apart from its competitors by constantly servicing and exceeding customer expectations.

Syn Hee Container Services Sdn Bhd was opened in 2002. It is strategically situated on the edge of the Port Klang next to the Northport, Port Klang, Malaysia and close to the Shapadu highway.


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